I hope everyone has enjoyed the festive break and if, like me you have indulged just a little too much, then it’s time to dig out the trainers and get motivated! We are really looking forward to seeing our young footballers take to the field again. I’m sure they are all raring to go and I doubt any Christmas indulgence will have impacted on their energy levels!

We have about nine games remaining before the season ends. There was an argument to make changes within some of our teams, however after much consideration, I have decided against it and we will see out the season with no player transfers. The league has also looked at the results for completed games and for any teams that have struggled, then they will have been transferred to a more appropriate level.

Please continue to offer your full support to the players and coaching team. We have a healthy age group and we are all committed to making continued improvements. On Sunday 13th January we will be holding a parent’s meeting at one of our local clubhouses, this will be mid-morning and whilst in progress we can hold a mini tournament for your children. It will be great to see many of you there and we will discuss all areas of the age group moving forward.

Please get in touch if you need to discuss any areas of your child’s footballing development throughout the season. A number of the coaching team are FA level one qualified and some of those that are not are looking to complete over the next few months. Dan Nunn who now has a wider coaching development role within the club will also be on hand at most of our training sessions and he is due to complete his FA level 2 qualification by April.

Training will be conducted at Edgbarrow School during the 2018 / 2019 season. This will be on Wednesdays at 1845-1945hrs.

Enjoy the remainder of the season and see you all soon.